August 16, 2011

UMYF Fall Kick Off!

Volunteers Unite!

Recruiting volunteers can be a time consuming task! Our Family & Children's Pastor, Danyelle, introduced me to VolunteerSpot and we're going to try it out. I've set up a sign up for UMYF meals. It was VERY easy to create and looks very user friendly. Check it out and let me know what you think. While you're there, you should sign up for a meal too! (Clever, eh?)

Less Paper Please!

I know it's a pain to sign the forms every time we have a youth event. Believe me, I don't enjoy filling my office with paper! For the time being, we need to keep the liability form for each event. However, there will only be ONE covenant form that you have to sign for the WHOLE year! This will reduce paper drastically and save you the hassle of getting signatures all the time. Bring this signed covenant with you to the Kick Off (this Sunday at 5:30!!) and you won't have to turn another one in until NEXT year! 

Fall Calendar

High School Fall Retreat, Sept. 9-11